Stewardship of the natural world in every day's decisions.

Renewable Energy

Located 90 miles from the nearest power grid, Camp Denali has harnessed the benefits of renewable energy for most of its history. From our first hydroelectric system, developed in 1981, to subsequent photovoltaics and passive-solar hot water, we continue to explore evolving ways to power our facilities while minimizing fossil fuel dependence and carbon emissions.

New in 2020, we are very excited to share our installation of a greatly-expanded photovoltaic system. At 90 Kilowatts it should provide for nearly all of Camp Denali’s electrical needs for decades to come. The resulting natural quiet is a wonderful complement to the wilderness surroundings that we and our guests get to enjoy.

We continually strive to improve sustainability in all facets of our operations, from composting, recycling, and local-sourcing, to avoiding single-use amenities, line-drying and use of biodegradable cleaning products. And our staff literally walk (and bike, and ski) the talk, self-powering their commutes down to as much as 30 below in the winter months!