Fly-in Plan for 2022

It's official-- Camp Denali will be operating as a fly-in lodge in 2022!

Updated December 30, 2021

In October, our message here read that we were not cancelling our 2022 season but were thick into planning and logistical considerations for shifting Camp Denali to a fly-in lodge for the next two summers.

We are pleased to announce that indeed we plan to operate as a fly-in lodge for 2022 and 2023.

  • We are partnering with our neighbor, Kantishna Air Taxi, for flights to and from Camp Denali and the park entrance.
  • We are well-positioned to pull off this operational change, with our brand-new solar array to power our grid, a stockpile of fuels and vehicles, and a logistical base at our already-established winter office just opposite the airfield.
  • Our schedule will remain the same, with flights in and out on Mondays and Fridays, for 3-, 4- and 7-night stays. We will open on June 3 and close on September 12.
  • Our natural history programs will reflect our tradition of active, in-depth learning experiences, regardless of how much of the park road we are able to access.
  • The revised rate of $1100 per person per night plus $500 for the round-trip flight will reflect our operational costs but falls well within the range of pricing for other, full-service fly-in lodges around the state.

We will be rolling out a revised website and be ready to take new reservations the second week in January. We look forward to talking with you and sharing the beauty of Denali with you, from the air and in the tundra!

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