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Camp Denali

Camp Denali was founded in 1952 and is Alaska’s – perhaps the nation’s – first business to engage in experiential learning about nature and cultural heritage, long before the term “ecotourism” gained popularity. Our guests are people who want to be close to the land and can do without high-end, luxury accommodations. 

Camp Denali is a wilderness lodge that offers guests a true Alaskan adventure. It is situated near treeline, providing access to native tundra and boreal forest habitats right from your door. Each of the 19 guest cabins has a picture window view of Denali and offers privacy throughout your stay.

The cabins are hand-crafted, well-appointed, and authentic. Quilts made by our staff adorn the beds, a wood stove provides cozy warmth, and propane lamps light the cabins. A short path leads to a private, meticulously maintained outhouse, and sink basin inside allows washing up. Drinking water comes from a spigot just outside and may be heated on your cabin's propane hot plate for a morning coffee or afternoon tea. 

A three- to seven-minute walk uphill from your cabin leads you to the dining room, a modern shower facility, and our historic log lodge with an inviting wood stove, cozy seating, library, and unparalleled views. 

Camp Denali is the epitome of the wilderness tradition that exemplifies what our founders envisioned for park visitors - a place that doesn't insulate you from the wilderness you come to explore.

The hand-hewn original log lodge next to Nugget Pond (pictured above), built by the founders in 1954, still offers up hospitality at the heart of Camp Denali, while guest cabins are set along an ascending ridgeline to take best advantage of the surrounding views.

A timber frame dining hall, a natural history resource collection, a modern shower and bathroom facility, and other public spaces radiate out from Nugget Pond. The newer buildings and facilities complement Camp Denali’s rich history and reputation as one of the first wilderness lodges in Alaska.

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