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Our Food Philosophy

Wholesome, flavorful, obtained from responsible sources - this is the kind of food we strive to offer throughout your stay.

Over 60 years since our founding, the availability of good ingredients has expanded, as have the expectations of our palates. Long gone are the days of freeze-dried green beans and corned beef from a can. Today, the plates of delicious food from our kitchen represent not only the quality ingredients available to us, but also our pride in creating an essential aspect of your stay at Camp Denali.

In spite of our remote setting, we cultivate a high standard and commitment to good food. From our greenhouse we gather fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs, as well as edible and decorative flowers. Each day our bakery produces delectable breads, cookies, pastries, and desserts. From the tundra we gather and preserve berries for you to enjoy as jams and syrups.